King size bed net

King size bed net

During the monsoon, there are chances of being affected by harmful diseases like malaria, dengue fever and various types of encephalitis, including the northwestern indigo virus. Therefore, by using a safe mosquito net, you and your family and children should be protected from such danger. To increase the demand for mosquito nets and provide a safe and disease-free life to all, Soumya Enterprise provides King Size Bed Net. Therefore, this mosquito net is a special mosquito net. This bed net has a very interior and two entrances on either side of the bed. The fiberglass frame is strong and keeps its shape so you never wake up with a mesh on your face!

Features of King size bed net:-

  • King Bed Fits
  • Large, strong fiberglass hoop creates a spacious interior
  • Quality Cotton Mosquito Netting
  • 256 holes per square inch
  • opens from two sides
  • Moderate overlaps to ensure a comfortable safety on king size beds
  • Fully surrounded so that the mesh closes

Clothes and colors:-

Natural White Cotton. Cotton bed net featuring genuine mesh instead of inferior muslin cloth. Our king-size bed net is made with a run-proof weave, ensuring maximum protection from all insects biting, flying, crawling and crawling insects, as the opening closes and the mesh curtain hangs on the floor Huh. Our cotton is a soft warm white and we suggest that with any new bedding, the cotton mosquito net is washed before use to remove any loose threads or lint.

Size and installation:-

  • This mosquito net fits on a king-size bed
  • 280 cm high with 100 cm fiberglass hoop
  • Our quality mosquito nets and bed cans are designed to fit generously around the mattress and bed frame. No one was awake by setting a trap.
  • One point for roof installation
  • We recommend the use of a toggle hook for plaster ceilings and a cup hook for parquet. Shop them at your local hardware store or follow this link for our hanging kit.

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