Mosquito Net

Sleeping net for double bed

Do you need a mosquito net and for this, you are searching for a good mosquito net. And along with this, you want a safe mosquito net as well as protection from pests and a safe night’s sleep. So this quest of yours is about to end now. Therefore, people like to use a safe bed mosquito net to avoid diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. Therefore, there is a growing demand for mosquito nets.

Soumya enterprises  provides various types of Mosquito Net for everyone. Such as – Healthy Sleep Foldable Polyester Double Bed – Embroidery (Sea Green Prime), Healthy Sleep Foldable Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net (White), Homecute Hexagonal Igloo Type Popup Kids Toys Play Tent House, etc Mosquito Net for everyone to live a safe and healthy and free from disease life. With this, we make our mosquito nets 100% functional and our range and selection of the best quality mosquito nets are none the less. Our mosquito nets are built in keeping in mind your health and safety, while your sleeping space is enhanced by a quality bedroom.

We manufacture a special range of mosquito nets including a lightweight compact travel net and long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito net. Our mosquito net shop is your one-stop mosquito net shop from protecting yourself and loving pests once.

This Product is a portable, safe, washable, compact, durable, environmentally friendly and easy to use solution for your mosquito problems. what do you want more? Go ahead, get rid of those annoying mosquitoes and get a good night’s sleep! So use Comfort Net Mosquito Net.

Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net comes with the following features:-

  1. Easy to use, push and pull mechanism.
  2. There is no need to tie all the time.
  3. It can use comfortably on both the cot and the floor.
  4. This can be folded and exposed within seconds.
  5. Relaxation net gives less space when exposed.
  6. The design includes a 9-inch cloth at the bottom to avoid insects or mosquitoes entering the bottom of the frame.
  7. Comfort net of poly-cotton mesh fabric, which ensures good ventilation when exposed.
  8. Comfort net can wash easily
  9. The stable and safe structure provided by high-quality steel rods. They are surrounded by PVC sleeves, which provide smoothness and also prevent the formation of rust.
  10. In this net, a high-quality metal is used, preventing the deformation of steel rods.
  11. The durability of the net ensured by the quality of the material used in the design.
  12. This is for beds in different sizes (single/double bed / deluxe) according to the dimensions of the bed.
  13. Portability ensured by innovative design. Simple folding and can be taken outdoors for a picnic.

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