Mosquito net for 6*6 bed

HOMECUTE Polyester Double Bed Cotton Edge Traditional Mosquito Net (6X7ft, Blue)

Every year, a large number of people, including adults and children, are getting infected with mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and life-threatening illness. Therefore, it has become very important to stay away from the mosquitoes and insects that bring diseases in the house. So to protect people from deadly diseases caused by mosquitoes and to provide solutions to people. We, Soumya Enterprise started our company, We are one, who has come up with the concept of Mosquito Net. This mosquito bed net protects the house from mosquitoes and insects as well as enhances the look of the base. Along with this, our firm is known as a reputed Mosquito Bed Net supplier

Our mosquito net prevents mosquito bites, mosquito-borne diseases and protects your family’s health from the terrible side effects of using sprays, mosquito coils, mosquito mats, and mosquito repellents. Whether you live in a mosquito prone area or visit one, our mosquito bed net provides you the best protection against mosquitoes, mosquito bites, insects and flies. We are the only manufacturer selling almost all types of mosquito nets. We are a leading seller of foldable mosquito nets in Kolkata. Our mosquito nets are available in various sizes such as mosquito net for 6*6 bed, mosquito nets for a single bed, etc. and it also suits all bed sizes. So we have a wide range of nets for adults and children. Apart from this, our mosquito net comes with better quality and we do mosquito net sales at your doorstep in and around Kolkata.

Features of Anti Bite Mosquito Net:-

  •  An extra protective layer to avoid mosquito bites from outsideMosquito net (If you bend over the bed net while sleeping)
  • No tying or fixing is compulsory to install the net on the bed.
  • It can be used on a cot or floor.
  • Long-lasting – The structure is build of highly flexible steel.
  • Available in different sizes (single bed, double and king size bed)
  • Portable and washable, the canopy mosquito net is weightless and can be while traveling.
  • Apart from this, you will get all bed size mosquito net-like – mosquito net for 6*6 bed.

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